Fire System Commission

Fire system commission

Gielle test and commission every completed Fire Protection/Detection System to confirm it complies with relevant World Standards, building regulations and Government legislation.
Gielle’s final hand over of a fire protection system includes;

1. A performance report on your fire protection system
2. Certification that the system meets the World Standards
3. Training on all equipment and programming
4. Quality Assurance (QA) statement
5. Warranty of components and workmanship

Ongoing care

After Gielle installs the system, your project manager remains contactable to discuss any matter. Their expertise and knowledge of the job is not lost and it is passed on to those servicing and maintaining your equipment as appropriate.
An ongoing Gielle maintenance contract is the best way to ensure continuous fire readiness.

Keeping your system ready to respond

Fire protection systems require regular servicing to run at optimum performance and effectively combat fire. Our service teams will regularly test and audit your system to ensure it meets all required standards. We are on call day and night throughout the year to assist with servicing, maintenance and troubleshooting our technicians can deal with most problems on the spot.
Our broad capability and flexibility enables us to even maintain equipment supplied by other manufacturers. Our expertise extends across a range of systems and fire protection solutions, including:
Fire Suppression Systems
Fire Alarms and Detection Systems
Special Hazard Fire Systems
Passive Fire Protection
Portable Fire Fighting Equipment
Fire and Emergency Training
Testing (in accordance with applicable Standards)

Future upgrades and enhancements

Gielle and the Gielle group internationally, continually research new fire protection technology. We will keep you informed of improvements as they become available and recommend appropriate updates for your situation.
Gielle’s commitment to forward / backward compatibility of its fire fighting components ensures you are able to keep your fire protection system up to date with the very latest technology while keeping your total cost of ownership over time low.
Reliable documentation

Gielle maintains project archives including:
Product specifications
Bills of material
Parts specifications
Manufacturing quality records
Software and firmware program listings
Repair records

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