Fire System Design

Good fire system design : the key to effective fire protection
Effective fire protection does not happen by chance. It takes intelligence and rigour to combine advanced components into an integrated system.
Gielle design engineers have a sound understanding of the fire protection industry and know the most effective way of detecting and containing fire. Gielle offers some of the world’s most advanced fire detection and control devices available – smoke, gas, flame and heat detectors, specialised foams and fire suppression gasses.
However, creating a comprehensive system is more than putting a string of fire protection devices in place. Components must be integrated so that they work well together.

That is where Gielle brings significant advantage our fire control intelligence is built into specific devices, software and fire control boards with seamless connection to sensors and extinguishing devices.

We are confident in saying that as trained professionals, we are able to meet your needs to protect your building or facility effectively from fire.

Preventative fire system design and major projects

Significant installations and infrastructure projects require specialist fire design expertise. Gielle has extensive expertise in large scale projects and special hazards. This experience enables us to work at engineering solutions that add value to our client’s projects. We believe the combination of this experience and leading edge technology places Gielle at the forefront in this selected field.
We have designed effective fire systems for complex industrial facilities, public spaces and private buildings.

Upgrades to existing fire systems

Gielle design engineers can upgrade existing facilities to meet current standards, or to better manage changing fire risks. Gielle’s philosophy of forward backward compatibility enables cost effective upgrades without compromising quality.

Tenders from architects, building or fire consultants
Working from plans and specifications, Gielle designers are able to map out a cost effective fire system before a facility is even built.

Incorporating fire systems into a building program allows seamless integration with the fabric of the building. Devices, wiring and pipework can be installed as part of the overall building program – saving cost and delivering protection.

Cost effective protection

Gielle engineers design systems to deliver appropriate fire protection while also having concern for overall cost. Poor design can result in spending more than is necessary to protect your facility. But potentially worse is compromising the level of fire protection just to save a few dollars.

Thorough investigation and design

The first step in designing a new fire protection system is to survey your facility and analyse building materials, work processes, equipment in use, materials handled and any special hazards. We determine the significance of each fire risk and design a specific solution to manage the risk. Our detailed hydraulic calculations and air flow analysis makes sure the system will perform when called upon.
We look at risks in isolation as well as looking at your facility as a whole. We also provide installed solution will comply with the World Standards and any other relevant codes and standards.

In depth knowledge and industry leadership

Gielle’s Technical Services Engineers sit on many industry committees and have a strong understanding of World Standards, Building regulations and essential fire protection requirements.
Through the worldwide Gielle group of companies, Gielle have access to a vast knowledge base. We understand and interpret the risks within your facility and design the most suitable fire protection/detection system. We also have access to the latest research and development in fire protection, detection equipment and systems


Experts available when you need them

Gielle have in house sprinkler and fire detection designers and engineers in every state capital and in many regional cities. Offices throughout World and across the globe share information and resources via the Gielle intranet giving unique knowledge.

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