Novec 1230 for Oil & Gas Industry

Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid is an advanced clean agent halon replacement used in a variety of offshore and land-based oil and gas operations – such as control rooms and communications centers – where maintaining continuity of operations is a vital concern. It offers a proven capability to knock down fires quickly, before they have a chance to disrupt production or spread to Class B hazards, such as gasoline, oil and oil-based paints.

Fire Protection for Oil & Gas

Practical, sustainable fire protection technology for today’s oil and gas industry
With Novec 1230 fluid, marine fire protection systems can be recharged while the cylinders remain onboard.
Based on a proprietary chemistry from 3M, Novec 1230 fluid offers a number of important advantages over conventional clean agents such as HFCs and CO2. Its low acute toxicity, combined with high extinguishing efficiency, gives Novec 1230 fluid the widest margin of safety among all other chemical clean agents and CO2 – even at relatively high extinguishing concentrations. This makes Novec 1230 fluid ideal for occupied spaces, where personnel may be exposed to the agent upon system discharge. And, because it won’t damage sensitive electronics or other critical equipment, it offers an ideal alternative to water sprinkler systems, foam and dry chemical agents.
Equally important, Novec 1230 fluid offers an environmental profile unmatched by any other chemical clean agent. Because of this, Novec 1230 fluid is not targeted for emission reduction, phase-out or phase-down, making it today’s long-term, sustainable choice for oil and gas fire protection applications.

Zero Ozone Depletion Potential
Global Warming Potential of 1
Large margin of safety vs. other chemical extinguishing agents and CO2
Fast extinguishment
Saves space and weight
No restrictions on shipping by air, sea or truck
Local refill possible
Saves space – simplifies fire protection system logistics

Because it is a liquid at room temperature, and stored at low vapor pressure, agent handling and charging of systems using  Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid are greatly simplified, and can be accomplished without removing the cylinders offsite. This can be an especially important consideration for servicing offshore facilities – saving time and ensuring uninterrupted protection of assets. The liquid state of Novec 1230 fluid also allows for efficient use of space, requiring about the same number of cylinders as conventional halocarbon agents. The product can be shipped safely by air in bulk quantities, without regulations or restrictions.

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Typical Novec 1230 fluid fire protection applications

Engine rooms
Generator rooms
Communications centers
Process control rooms
Paint lockers
Pilot houses
Pump rooms
Diving systems rooms

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