Fire System Installation

Professional fire system installation; managed quality
Our specialised installation teams accurately install fire protection systems, as specified and designed.
Headed up by a professional project manager, Gielle’s installation teams are skilled tradespeople with significant experience in fire protection equipment. Each person takes pride in their work, minimising disruption to your operations while making sure that all components are installed according to specifications.
Our installers are thoroughly trained so that they understand the components being installed and the parameters that must be maintained for maximum effectiveness. Less experienced installers may make seemingly minor deviations from the design, not realising the impact that may have on the final effectiveness of the system.

Minimising disruption to your operations
Outstanding project planning and organisation is needed to make sure that installation works run smoothly. Our project managers have effectively installed fire systems in various challenging environments.
The capabilities, experience and attention to detail evident in complex installation environments is brought to simpler jobs.

Working safely

An important feature of every Gielle installation project is a thorough approach to protecting the health and safety of workers (both ours and yours) and protecting the environment. Protocols are used throughout the installation process to maintain a safe working environment to protect people from being harmed during our work activities.

Highly competent workers
Gielle commit thousands of dollars and numerous man hours so all our field staff are individually trained and accredited. We make this investment to ensure we have the best people working on your installation, with the correct qualifications.
A number of our employees have worked with us for many years they have seen a variety of environments and know how to deal with difficult situations.

Quality assured
Gielle is accredited to ISO 9001:2000. This gives confidence that our plans, products and procedures work together to deliver a predictably high standard result.

Our auditing protocols provide rigour to all we do. All inputs subcontractors, equipment and processes – are carefully assessed to ensure they are consistently fit for purpose.

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